Q14 Series



  • Features EZ-BEAM technology, with specially designed optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments
  • Offers economical opposed mode sensing in 7.5 mm thick housing
  • Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN or PNP output, depending on model
  • Available in dark- or light-operate models
  • Rated IP54 (NEMA 4) with hermetically sealed optics

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Product Specifications

Supply Voltage and Current10 to 30V dc (10% max. ripple) Emitter:15 mA (exclusive of load)
Receiver:15 mA (exclusive of load)
Range1.8 m
Supply Protection CircuitryProtected against reverse polarity
Output ConfigurationSPST solid-state switch:NPN (current sinking) or PNP (current sourcing), depending on model. Light operate (LO) or dark operate (DO), depending on model
Output Rating150 mA max. OFF-state leakage current:less than 10 µA @ 30V dc
ON-state saturation voltage:less than 0.5V @ 10 mA dc; less than 1.0V @ 150 mA dc
Output Protection CircuitryProtected against false pulse on power-up and continuous overload or short circuit of outputs; Overload trip point 200 mA min. @ 20° C
Output Response Time8 millisecond ON; 4 milliseconds OFF
Repeatability1.0 millisecond
Indicators2 LED Indicators:Green and Yellow
Green ON steady:power to sensor is ON
Green flashing:output overload
Yellow ON steady:light is sensed
Yellow flashing:marginal excess gain (1-1.5x) in light condition
ConstructionBlack ABS housing (UL 94-VO) with hermetically sealed glass lens
Environmental RatingIP54; NEMA 4
Connections2 m or 9 m attached PVC cable, or 150 mm pigtail with 3-pin Pico-style quick-disconnect fitting. QD cables are ordered separately.
Operating ConditionsTemperature:-20° to +55° C
Relative humidity:90% @ 50° C (non-condensing)
Application NotesM3 stainless-steel mounting hardware is included with each sensor. Optional mounting brackets are available.