SB12 Series



Small, easy-to-mount opposed mode sensor pairs that are cost effective for large volume applications.

  • Easy-to-mount; no brackets required — choice of threaded models with retaining nut or unique snap-in models
  • Small, 12.7 mm diameter opposed mode sensor pair
  • Cost effective for large volume applications
  • Narrow effective beam allows for multiple sensors in close proximity
  • LED status indicators for Power ON, Output Overload, Signal Received and Marginal Signal
  • Light Operate (LO) or Dark Operate (DO), depending on model

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Product Specifications

Sensing Range1.5 m (59")
Sensing Beam880 nm Invisible IR beam
Supply Voltage10 to 30 V dc; less than 15 mA exclusive of load
Supply Protection CircuitryProtected against reverse polarity and transient over voltages
Delay at Power-upLess than 1 second
Output ConfigurationOne solid state output, NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing), depending on model
Output Rating100 mA OFF-state leakage current:< 10 μA
ON-state saturation voltage:< 0.2V @ 10 mA; < 0.6V @ 100 mA;
Output Protection CircuitryProtected against output short circuit, continuous overload and transient over voltages
Output Response Time2.5 ms ON, 1.75 ms OFF
Repeatability350 μs
Switching Frequency235 Hz
IndicatorsGreen Power LED (emitter and receiver):ON indicates power on;Flashing indicates output short circuited (receiver only)
Amber Output LED (receiver only):ON indicates light sensed; Flashing indicates marginal excess gain (1.0 to 1.5x excess gain)
ConstructionPVC-jacketed cable Housing:ABS
Lens:Polycarbonate; epoxy encapsulant
Environmental RatingIP65
Connections2 m (6.5') cable or 150 mm (6")
Operating ConditionsTemperature:–20º to +50º C (–4º to 122º F)