About Us

Landmark Industrial Services (LIS) is a full service distributor of industrial automation and control components representing many of the industry’s best known manufacturers. Located in the Pacific Northwest, LIS actively maintains a large inventory in several product categories: motion control, safety devices, servo systems, sensors, motors, relays, AC drives, gearboxes, power supplies, and more (see our Line Card for a comprehensive list of manufacturers and components). LIS is staffed by experienced, field-tested technicians.

Why LIS exists

LIS was started during the Recession to fulfill a need for a face-to-face full service automation distributor. We have grown our business based on the principle of walking a mile in our customers’ shoes and there is no better way to solve a problem than to see it firsthand.  LIS is growing rapidly. This means we will be placing new technicians in the field that share the same passion to understand the customers’ problems from their point of view. This, along with our extensive product and industry knowledge, will help create cost-effective and long lasting solutions.

We are a true boots-on-the-ground service provider and love to get dirty with the best of them. We have found a passion for customizing solutions to fit any application.

Our mission is to help you accomplish yours!