General characteristics

  • backlit LCD display
  • texts available in 6 languages
  • IEC rated starter current Ie from 30 to 320A
  • IEC rated motor power 18.5…200kW (500VAC)
  • torque and voltage ramp startup
  • kick start
  • maximum starting current
  • free wheel or controlled stop
  • sequential startup of up to 4 motors
  • built-in bypass relay
  • optical port for programming, data downloads and diagnostics through software and Apps
  • NFC technology for parameter programming through App
  • RS485 communications with optional card (EXC 1042)
  • Modbus-ASCII and Modbus-RTU communication protocols
  • Synergy supervision and remote control software

Operational characteristics

  • two phase control
  • input voltage: 208…600VAC ±10%
  • network frequency: 50/60 Hz ±10% self-configurable
  • 100…240VAC auxiliary power supply
  • signalling LED: power supply within limits, signaling of startup or bypass phase, alarm
  • three programmable outputs 1 change over contact, 2 normally open contacts
  • two programmable digital inputs
  • one programmable digital input, that can also be used as a PTC input (optional).