Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

Banner Engineering Corp.


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Features collimated, apertured beam 2 mm in diameter, divergence of less than 1 milliradian.

12 mm threaded metal barrel with visible red sensing beam.

Features an ultra-thin 8 mm housing of rugged die-cast metal.

Provides single-turn sensitivity adjustment on diffuse models.

PW12-rated rugged ultra-miniature sensor with multiple modes for accurate sensing in confined spaces.

Offers economical opposed mode sensing in 7.5 mm thick housing.

This Product is no longer available. See similar miniature sensors M12 and S12-2.

Offers economical opposed mode sensing in 12 mm barrel-style housing. Features completely epoxy-encapsulated housing for superior durability, even in harsh sensing environments.

An economical emitter and receiver pair, the S12-2 features a wide beam pattern in a small compact housing unit.

Small, easy-to-mount opposed mode sensor pairs that are cost effective for large volume applications.

8 mm threaded barrel-mount sensor for small areas.

Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN or PNP output, depending on model.

Ultra-thin opposed- or convergent-mode sensor for confined flush-mounting.

Extremely compact sensor with advanced optics and coaxial retroreflective models.

Uses advanced sensing circuitry for powerful, precise sensing.

High performance, heavy-duty metal photoelectric sensor with well focused, narrow beam and smooth, stainless steel barrel ideal for hygienic applications that require routine cleaning.

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