MCS Synchronous Servo Motors



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  • High overload capacity
  • Large angular accelerations
  • Plug connections for quick mounting and easy serviceability
  • Electronic nameplate for easy commissioning
  • Resolver as feedback, alternately: incremental encoder or absolute value encoder
  • Increased power density using high-quality magnetic materials (SEpT technology) and specially developed pole formats
  • Available with holding brake
  • Natural or forced ventilation
  • Enclosure IP65 (forced ventilation IP 54)
  • For even more precision and energy efficiency

Ensure top performance in even the tightest of spaces


MCS synchronous servo motor for precisely controlled motion.

  • Torque range: 4.4 to 1,681 in-lbs (0.5 to 190 Nm)
  • Power range: 0.34 to 21 hp (0.25 to 15.8 kW)


Particularly suitable for: applications that require high dynamic performance, precision and minimal dimensions.

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