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Decentralised extra-low voltage drives are especially suited for applications with power ranges between conventional servo drives and miniature drives. The DC operating voltage range of 48 V offers the additional advantages of extra-low voltage regarding compact design, electrical safety and simplicity.
Up to now, extra-low voltage drives have been particularly in demand for applications in the automotive and consumer goods industries. However, compared to conventional industrial servo drives, this field has different product requirements in terms of robustness, durability, serviceability and scalability.
This is why, during the conception of the CMP ELVCD, the focus was not on yet another extra-low voltage drive, but rather on creating a complete industry-standard, decentralised servo drive with all the characteristics of an SEW­EURODRIVE servo gearmotor.
For this reason the CMP ELVCD is fully integrated into the automation system with MOVI‑PLC®. It can be used for all automation tasks with dynamic and precise motion sequences up to 500 W.


The CMP ELVCD is always combined with the MOVI-PLC® advanced controller. All control tasks are determined centrally and transferred to the drives synchronously. Complex motion profiles and robotic tasks are possible. Almost all motor and gear unit designs that can be combined with the CMP50M or CMP50S motor system can also be implemented with the CMP ELVCD.

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