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Decentralized Drives


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The CMP ELVCD is always combined with the MOVI-PLC® advanced controller. All control tasks are determined centrally and transferred to the drives synchronously. Complex motion profiles and robotic tasks are possible. Almost all motor and gear unit designs that can be combined with the CMP50M or CMP50S motor system can also be implemented with the CMP ELVCD.


  • CMP ELVCD is supplied with DC 24 V (control) and DC 48 V (power).
  • A controller from SEW­EURODRIVE, which functions as central head station via SBus, is used to control the drive.
  • The controller is responsible for the coordination and the higher-level motion control for all connected drives.
  • Depending on the power demands and the synchronicity of the drives, several drives can be connected and supplied via one phase winding.
  • The controllers used offer conventional interfaces for higher-level automation levels. The automation system can also be operated independently as a module.

Extra-Low Voltage Compact Drive


Decentralized extra-low voltage drives are especially suited for applications with power ranges between conventional servo drives and miniature drives. The DC operating voltage range of 48 V offers the additional advantages of extra-low voltage regarding compact design, electrical safety and simplicity.

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