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Are you looking for a particularly sturdy and economical gearmotor with integrated switching and protection functions? No problem. The MOVI-SWITCH® gearmotor for decentralization applications up to 3 kW is exactly what you are looking for. The switching and protection functions integrated in the motor terminal box make it possible. You can choose between designs with a contactless star bridge connector or a contact-based switching element. The various designs also offer two different options for the direction of rotation: one direction of rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the phase sequence, or two directions of rotation, clockwise and counterclockwise independent of the phase sequence.


All in one motor. The 3 MOVI-SWITCH® designs are compact, sturdy and equipped with high-performance features. Thermal motor protection and an optional AS-Interface, all integrated into the motor in a compact fashion.

MOVI‑SWITCH® Gearmotor with Motor Starter


The particularly economical solution for decentralization at power levels up to 3 kW: MOVI‑SWITCH®, the compact and sturdy gearmotor with integrated switching and protection functions and with IP54 degree of protection; also available with IP55, IP65 or IP66 degree of protection.

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