K.EDR. Helical Bevel Gearmotors

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Explosion-proof helical-bevel gearmotors

Robust, powerful, and low-maintenance: Our explosion-proof K..EDR.. helical-bevel gearmotors are highly efficient and sure to impress. They offer all the benefits of a standard gearmotor, plus explosion protection.

Explosion-proof helical-bevel gearmotors for sensitive system environments

K..EDR.. explosion-proof helical-bevel gearmotors

With a K..EDR.. helical-bevel gearmotor, you are guaranteed a trusted drive that will win you over with its high efficiency.

With its ATEX-compliant design, our K..EDR.. helical-bevel gearmotor is your perfect drive solution for areas with limited space. This angular drive’s high-quality rotational tooth elements make it both particularly efficient and low-maintenance.

This explosion-proof helical-bevel gearmotor from SEW‑EURODRIVE is available to you in equipment categories II2GD and II3GD. The K..EDR.. helical-bevel gearmotor is also impressive thanks to its strong service profile. With this drive solution, you can operate at power levels between 0.12 kW and 45 kW, depending on the individual configuration.

All explosion-proof helical-bevel gearmotors in the K..EDR.. series come in either a foot-mounted or flange-mounted design – with either a solid shaft or a hollow shaft. This trusted gearmotor’s wide range of variants, along with its compact design and high efficiency, make it very versatile.

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