VARIBLOC & VARIMOT Variable Speed Gearmotors

SEW Eurodrive




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  • Power range up to 45 kW
  • Speed setting ranges: 1:4, 1:6 and 1:8
  • U-shaped or Z-shaped power flow
  • Numerous possible combinations with reduction gear units
  • For numerous designs
  • For easy adaptation to the most diverse machine designs
  • The foot- and flange-mounted designs can also be used to power machines directly without a reduction gear unit
  • Can be combined with motors from the modular system so that they meet the requirements of the efficiency classes IE1 and IE2
  • Flexible due to finely calibrated gear ratio ranges of the reduction gear units per size
  • Very easy to operate using a handwheel or remote control

Variable-Speed Gearmotors


As a leading manufacturer of drive technology, SEW Eurodrive also supplies mechanical variable-speed gearmotors. For both series, VARIBLOC® and VARIMOT®, you can easily infinitely adjust the speed mechanically using a handwheel or remote control.


Speeds of up to 45 kW can be easily adjusted mechanically


Mechanical variable-speed gearmotors are simple yet robust drive components that represent an inexpensive alternative in many materials handling and process engineering applications. This is because you control the speed infinitely variably yourself: mechanically using a hand-wheel or via remote control. The process does not involve any costly control cabinets or frequency inverters at all.


There are two series to choose from: VARIBLOC®, the wide V-belt series, provides power ratings up to 45 kW and the speed setting ranges 1:4, 1:6 and 1:8. The VARIMOT® friction disk variant is suitable for power ratings of up to 2.2 kW and for the speed setting range 1:5.

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