SEW Eurodrive R Series Helical Gear Unit

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Helical gear units are the “hidden classics” in the gear unit portfolio: 6 single-stage and 15 two- and three-stage frame sizes cover a torque range from 50 to 20 000 Nm. This gear unit series is also far ahead in terms of gear unit ratios: from i = 1.30 to i = 289.74, in double gear units even i = 27 001. Torque ratings and gear unit ratios this finely stepped are hard to find in the market.

The demand for high output speeds or low weight is met by the R gear units as well, of course. Always with a high level of efficiency, the helical gear units offer an optimum ratio between torque output and installation space. This means: a helical gear unit almost always fits your application.

R Series Helical Gear Units


They feature an ideal ratio between performance and space requirements – also in your application: Twenty frame sizes of the helical gear unit portfolio, with finely stepped torque ratings and gear unit ratios. High efficiency included

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