X series Helical Gear Units

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Industrial Gear Units


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Left and right shaft positions with only one gear unit


Users find our X series extremely practical – after all, its gear unit housing is invertible. It enables both left and right shaft positions with a single housing. This allows us to significantly reduce the number of variants required. For you, this means more flexible use and fast availability.


Optional equipment for your applications


The large amount of predefined optional equipment gives you a high level of flexibility. It includes: motor adapters, backstops, sealing systems, shaft end pumps, mounting surfaces, and much more. These options means that we can always provide you with the drive solution that perfectly meets your requirements. All that while maintaining maximum availability in the process.




  • Independent industrial gear unit platform with 23 sizes
  • Helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units
  • Single-piece and split gear unit housing
  • Invertible gear unit housing
  • Universal mounting positions
  • Distinctive modular technology
  • Diverse predefined optional equipment and options
  • Customer-specific adaptations possible

X series industrial gear units


The robust X series industrial gear units feature an invertible housing and a very broad gear ratio range. The finely stepped sizes provide additional variability during installation and use.


Robust helical gear and bevel-helical gear units for harsh conditions of use


For users or original equipment manufacturers of machinery and conveyor systems, it is essential that the drives used there are robust, reliable in operation and maintenance-friendly. X series industrial gear units meet these requirements in an efficient manner.


The intelligent, integrated gear unit concept from SEW-EURODRIVE features an especially robust design and low-noise gearing. Its torque and sizes are also very finely stepped. This is why the compact industrial gear units adapt perfectly to all of the conditions required, even if the conditions of use are harsh. In comparison to other commercially available helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units, the gear ratio range of our X series is extraordinarily broad.

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