P Series Planetary Gearmotor

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  • Transmission of high torque ratings for powerful movement of large quantities
  • especially compact design for limited installation space
  • high permitted radial loads
  • upstream gearmotors in helical version and bevel-helical version which can be combined with the planetary gear unit

Industrial Gear Units P Series


Process engineering plants which run slowly depend on low output speeds and a high torque. This includes mixers and rotary filters. In addition to these features, users and outfitters of comparable systems demand reliable drive components.
With the industrial gear units of the P series you receive powerful and reliable planetary gearmotors which can be supplied at short notice in standardised versions, depending on the size.
Thanks to the modular concept, you have access to a comprehensive range of optional equipment. Another feature of the space-saving industrial gear units is the economical price-performance ratio. So you are best-equipped for all applications.

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