MOVIAXIS MMD60B Servo Inverter

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  • Powerful, compact performance
  • High overload capacity of up to 400%
  • Available in decentralized mode with installation close to the motor, or with the inverter integrated in the servomotor
  • Fully scalable when mounted close to the motor when using CM, CMP, and CMPZ servomotors with all options
  • Wiring made easier
  • Direct, decentralized control of 24 V brakes
  • More efficient use of space in the control cabinet, even with high continuous power exceeding 6 kW and peak power exceeding 30 kW
  • With EtherCAT®-compatible SBUSPLUS for very large systems
  • Any supply cable length possible, which improves the system’s EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Strong, robust metal housing with IP65 degree of protection

MOVIAXIS® MMD60B Decentralized Servo Inverter

The MOVIAXIS® MMD60B decentralized servo inverter is especially designed for field installations and combines high overload capacity with a compact and robust design. It is the ideal solution for large systems with interlinked machines.


Do your systems and interlinked machine modules extend to over ten meters or even up to several hundred meters? If so, the functionality of each of the modular system units is important for you. However, it is only possible for these individual system modules to function on a stand-alone basis and be connected via defined interfaces if this modular approach is applied to the software, low-voltage sensor technology, and low-output drives as well.


The MOVIAXIS® MMD60B decentralized servo inverter addresses precisely this gap. It combines high overload capacity with a high-performance, real-time system bus connection. Decentralized installation and the mounting of the frequency inverter close to the motor makes wiring much easier. Field installations also allow significant savings on control cabinet space. This adds up to significant savings on costs and time during installation. And the overall system is easier and faster to install – with retrofitting options possible also.

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