Sew Eurodrive MOVI4R-U

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  • Frequency inverter with V/f control
  • Flexible installation thanks to degree of protection IP54
    • Local installation in the application
    • Wall mounting
    • Control cabinet installation
  • Control plate with control knob as combination of adjusting knob and pushbutton
  • Control and setpoint selection
    • With binary inputs and fixed setpoints
    • Setpoint selection with analog input
    • Manual operation via the control plate
  • Faster and easier replacement of the power section for servicing

MOVI4R-U® Basic Inverter


The MOVI4R-U® frequency inverters provide the precise functionality that you need to reliably control the speed of asynchronous motors. Not less – but with considerable added value!


The modular design of the MOVI4R-U® basic inverter, for example, is ideal for quick unit replacement. And the intuitive MOVI4R-U® operating concept enables impressively short startup times.

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