MOVITRAC LTE-B 1P66 Enclosure

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  • Integrated control plate for easier handling
  • Pre-configured to match the respective motor
  • Integrated EMC filter and integrated help card
  • Energy saving function
  • Extra-quiet pulsed voltage supply up to 16 kHz
  • 40 configurable parameters
  • Connection to fieldbuses via DFx gateways
  • Approved in accordance with UL508, C22.2 no. 14
  • Parameter module for data backup
  • Also available with IP20 degree of protection

MOVITRAC® LTE-B Basic Inverter in IP66


Are you looking for a simple, robust frequency inverter? The MOVITRAC® LTE-B with IP66 degree of protection is ready for field use. Ideal for tasks in small, modular conveyor lines, in fans and pumps – all without the need for a control cabinet!


The MOVITRAC® LTE-B field housing with IP66/NEMA 4x protection is ideal for use in harsh environments. The frequency inverters from this series enable simple operation and user-friendly functions for open-loop speed control of asynchronous motors. Matches your requirements: The 3 sizes of the MOVITRAC® LTE-B for power ranges from 0.37 kW to 7.5 kW and line voltages of 115 V, 230 V and 400 V.


MOVITRAC® LTE-B in IP66 quickly and economically solves simple conveyor applications. For instance, in small, modular conveyor lines and in fans and pumps. With an extra-quiet pulsed voltage supply up to 16 kHz, it is ideal for use at manual workstations. Parameterisation is even simpler thanks to the integrated control plate. Of course, a control cabinet version of the MOVITRAC® LTE-B basic inverter is also available. The MOVITRAC® LTE-B can also be expanded with an optional external control plate.


These frequency inverters communicate with the DFx gateways via all commercially available fieldbuses.

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