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Efficiency classes IE2 to IE4

  • DR…J motors meet the requirements for efficiency classes IE2 to IE4
  • Line start permanent magnet motor
    • Our LSPM technology is based on the addition of permanent magnets in the short-circuit cage of the AC asynchronous motors
    • In comparison to a DR.. series standard motor of the same power rating, you can select smaller sizes of the DR…J motors and achieve the same efficiency class
  • Designed for operation on simple inverters with V/f control
  • No rotor losses occur in operation
  • Nine sizes in total (71S to 100L)
  • Compact and robust design, low-maintenance
  • Synchronous running of the motors with operating frequency
  • Slip-free speed control without encoder feedback
  • Group drive of several motors with synchronous speed on a frequency inverter
  • Proven combination with MOVIMOT®, the gearmotor with integrated frequency inverter
  • High speed setting range with constant torque without forced cooling fan
  • Many additional features of the modular motor system are available
  • Can be combined with our gearmotors

DR…J Variant Synchronous Motors (LSPM technology)


The Line Start Permanent Magnet (LSPM) motor is an AC asynchronous motor which contains additional permanent magnets in the rotor with a squirrel cage. After an asynchronous start, the motor synchronizes with the operating frequency and runs in synchronous mode. A motor technology which opens up new, flexible possible applications for you in drive technology.


The synchronous motors do not show any rotor losses in operation. They have an impressive degree of efficiency while maintaining a very compact design. In the same efficiency class, a DR..J motor with LSPM technology is two frame sizes smaller than a standard motor of the same power rating.

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