SEW-EURODRIVE DRK Single Phase Motor

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  • Design with integrated and robust film capacitor as a running capacitor
    • Installed in the terminal box
    • No restriction due to thermal load
    • Protected against mechanical influences
    • For use in buildings and outside, degree of protection IP65, optional surface protection OS2
    • Starting behavior: ~ MA 45% to 50% MN
  • Design with start-up capacitor provided by the customer
    • Starting behavior: ~ MA 100% to 150% MN
  • 1x 230 V or 1x 220 V line operation, 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency
  • Meet the requirements for efficiency class IE1 at 1x 230V / 50 Hz as per IEC 60034-30-1
  • Available gearmotors with motors of the DRK.. series
    • Helical gearmotors R07DRK.. to R97DRK..
    • Parallel-shaft gearmotors F27DRK.. to F97DRK..
    • Helical-bevel gearmotors K19/K29/K39DRK.. to K97DRK..
    • Helical-worm gearmotors S37DRK.. to S87DRK..
    • Right-angle gearmotors W10DRK.. to W47DRK..

DRK..Series Single-Phase Motors


Be it in Europe and the USA or in Brazil: you can operate the DRK.. motors in many power supplies because they are available in 50 Hz or 60 Hz with 220 V or 230 V. In total, there are six sizes available in the power range of 0.18 kW to 1.1 kW.


If you do not require a high starting torque in your applications, e.g. for fans, pumps or compactors, we recommend the DRK.. with integrated running capacitor. The motor becomes more compact as the running capacitor is housed directly in the terminal box. This means that approx. 45% to 50% of the nominal torque is available for start-up.


With an additional start-up capacitor, the motor is suitable for screw conveyors and conveyor belts as well as for agitators and dosers. You can expect a torque of approx. 100% to 150% of the nominal torque.


It goes without saying that everything fits together for single-phase motors and you can use many additional features of the DR.. modular motor system.

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