CMDV Synchronous Servomotors

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  • Optimized speeds for direct motor mounting
  • Particularly short length
  • Suited as direct drive
  • Innovative design with state-of-the-art winding and magnet technology
  • Convection-cooled design without housing
  • Standstill torque range from 0.25 Nm to 32.0 Nm
  • Equipped with thermal motor protection and resolver feedback as standard
  • Optional: scalable HIPERFACE® encoders with electronic nameplate and 24 V holding brakes
  • High degree of protection IP65

CMDV.. Series Synchronous Servomotors


Compact servomotors: for direct mounting in very small installation spaces. They have been designed and optimized for direct motor mounting. Even with their extremely compact designs, the 5 motor sizes produce standstill torques of 0.25 Nm to 32.0 Nm.


Rugged bearings and a low-vibration design – this compact servomotor is the ideal device for applications with limited installation space and for all directly driven servo applications. The innovative design of the synchronous servomotors, including the latest in winding and magnet technology, offers a wide variety of standstill torques as well as high overload capacities.


The standstill torques range from 0.25 Nm to 32.0 Nm, with up to a six-fold overload capacity. 5 compact motor sizes in a convection-cooled design without a housing.

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