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Murrelektronik is a leading supplier of cordsets, with an almost infinite variety of cable types, colors and connector styles.

The M8 and M12 connectors as well as the valve connectors are available as pre-wired models, with almost all cable lengths. LED and suppression are also available integrated. Useful adapters and T-couplers increase installation options. The torque wrench is a useful tool and ensure sealed connections.

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Murrelektronik’s I/O systems connect actuators and sensors of a system to the control.

The requirements to I/O systems are very different. Some installations have many I/O points close together, in others wide distances have to be bridged. The environment can be well-organized or harsh. Murrelektronik offers different I/O systems, from practical distributor solutions up to high performance fieldbus systems.

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Interfaces from the cabinet to the field are an essential part of many installation concepts.

Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive product range for quick connections, easy separations and for connecting diagnostic equipment. The components can be used variably. Power outlets for the cabinet and bright lighting elements complement the product line.

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Murrelektronik’s cabinet components ensure optimum power management in machine and system installations.

The individual components are perfectly matched to each other. This ensure consistent power supply on a high level while focusing on efficiency. The installation is ready in a short time. Suppressor and buffer modules ensure system availability.

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