Mico Fuse

There are various configurations available

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Effortless Channel Protection

MICO Fuse is the ideal alternative to using individual safety terminals. The compact module features eight sockets for glass tube fuses that can easily be serviced from the front of the module. It protects up to eight channels. The MICO FUSE 24 LED version has additional LEDs that indicate the operating condition of each channel in red and green. A group alarm contact sends the current status to the control. The universal module MICO Fuse 250 covers the complete range from 0 to 250 V AC/DC.

Convenient Monitoring with Glass Tube Fuses

  • 8 output channels accessible from the front
  • Small dimensions save space
  • Common voltage supply for all channels
  • Minimal wiring work
  • Various labeling options
  • Total current up to 40 A