Integra Genesis Enclosures

Integra Enclosures


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Integra Genesis series represents the beginning of best medium sized non metallic enclosures available. The unmatched flexibility of the interior of this enclosure combined with off the shelf accessories make the first of the Genesis series enclosures ideal for almost any application.

  • The multiple configurations for maximum options rail system provide unlimited mounting potential for your application. These rails mount vertically by attaching to the rear wall of the enclosure and to the Multi-Max frame. They can be used all around the interior of the enclosure to create three dimensional use of all of the space inside the enclosure.
  • A Multi-Max frame ring secures just inside the lip of the base with four Multi Max rails and combines with other molded features to provide un-matched rigidity to the Genesis enclosures.
  • The genesis swing panel has an aluminum piano style hinge to support the weight of the
    typical larger enclosure applications. The swing panel attaches to the Multi Max rails and provides rigid smooth operation
  • Multiple Latching Options: Three point latch, Quarter turn latch, Non-metallic latch
  • UL/C-UL-50 listed Nema 1,2,3,3R,3S,4,4X,5,12,13 rated

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