Parallel-Shaft Helical Servo Gearmotors


A lot of system architecture in materials handling and process engineering is reliant on especially compact drives. Sew  Eurodrive offers you the F..CMP.. parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotors for precisely these applications.
The force, dynamics and high precision of this servo gearmotor with a space-saving design are impressive. At the same time, torques of 130 Nm to 7840 Nm can be implemented. Seven sizes from the CMP.. modular motor system are available to you for individually configurable CMP.. servomotors. The parallel-shaft helical gear unit of the F series is optimally designed for precise implementation of complex requirement profiles.
The F..CMP.. parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotors ensure precise performance at all times, adapt perfectly to any system architecture and have a particularly high degree of efficiency.


Synchronous servomotor

  • Highest dynamic characteristics throughout the entire CMP.. series thanks to the low-inertia rotor design and high overload capacity of the motors
  • Performance-optimised and extremely compact design thanks to the latest winding and magnet technology
  • Standstill torques from 0.5 Nm to 95 Nm
  • Optional CMPZ.. motor variant with increased rotor inertia for all applications with high load moments of inertia
  • High quality of concentric running characteristics
  • Direct mounting of the motor on a gear unit from our modular gear unit system

Technical Data

Parallel-shaft helical-bevel servo gearmotors of the F series with CMP.. motor

Gear unit Motor
Gear unit size Size Torque range MaDyn
27 40M – 71M 15 – 157
37 40M – 71M 14 – 240
47 40M – 80S 18 – 435
57 50S – 112S 26 – 645
67 50S – 112S 30 – 920
77 63S – 112M 62 – 1530
87 71S – 112E 137 – 3090
97 80S – 112E 275 – 4360
107 80L – 112E 490 – 8860

Areas of Application

  • Food industry
  • Packaging machines
  • Packer/unpacker
  • Palletisers and packaging machines
  • Sorting and stacking systems
  • Conveyor belts
  • Incremental launches
  • Tire, rubber and plastic processing machines
  • Travel axes, lifting axes, additional axes
  • Positioning drives