MC Series Industrial Gear Units


The MC series industrial gear units were designed for the low torque range up to65 kNm. Their strengths in the medium gear ratio range and their low space requirements are impressive.
Alongside a small installation space, its high availability for machine and system operators is the essential factor when selecting the right gear unit. As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial gear units, Sew Eurodrive satisfies these criteria with the MC series, which provides especially compact parallel-shaft and miter gear units.
Simply install the helical gear unit and bevel-helical gear unit on your machine to meet the requirements of your specific application. The single-piece block housing enables horizontal, vertical and upright assembly. This allows you the highest possible degree of flexibility.
The MC series helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units are equipped for high axial and radial loads. With the extended bearing distance (EBD) concept they reinforce the bearing in the gear unit. This is a benefit for you if you use agitating processes in process engineering plants. In many cases, you no longer need a separate agitator bearing. Or you avoid oversizing your industrial gear unit.
The concept is supplemented by standardised mounting flanges and an optional “Drywell” seal. The seal reliably prevents oil from leaking from the output shaft of your industrial gear unit. With it, you will reduce your maintenance costs to a minimum.
The modular concept of the MC series helical gear unit and bevel-helical gear unit also provides you with plenty of optional equipment. It includes motor adapters, belt drives, and backstops. These options means that we can always provide you with the drive solution that perfectly meets your requirements.


  • Independent industrial gear unit series
  • Helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units
  • Modular concept
  • Special designs are available
  • Block housing without parting line
  • Universal mounting position
  • All commercially available connection elements are possible at the input and output sides
  • EBD concept with predefined output bearing types depending on the requirement profile and application
  • Optional variable flange geometries and “Drywell” design
  • Optional in ATEX design (Group II, categories 2/3G and 2/3D, zones 1, 21, 2 and 22)

Technical Data

Gear unit type Stages Gear ratio
Nominal torque MN2
MC.P.. helical gear units: 2- and 3-stage 7.1 – 112 6 – 65
MC.R.. bevel-helical gear units: 2- and 3-stage 7.1 – 112 6 – 65

Areas of Application

  • Construction materials industry, extractive industry, chemical industry, food and feed industries in materials handling systems
  • Environmental industry
  • Lumber industry
  • Paper industry