DRL.. Series Asynchronous Servomotors


High rated torques and suitable for high loads. The link between the classical AC asynchronous motors for supply system/inverter operation and the highly dynamic synchronous servomotors with permanent magnets.
DRL.. asynchronous servomotors are particularly suitable when high external mass moments of inertia in relation to the motor shaft have to be controlled in a reliable manner. The design and dimensioning are of such a high quality that dynamic overload values of currently up to 350% can be reached for a short time. The overload capacity is divided into two dynamics packages.
The DRL.. series also has the required torque. With its four speed classes and a high-resolution sine/cosine encoder, a high speed quality is achieved – even at low speeds.


  • Torques from 5 Nm to 200 Nm
  • High rated torques for high dynamic loads
  • Load of up to 3 to 4 times the nominal motor torque
  • Safe and exact positioning in conjunction with MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter orMOVIDRIVE® application inverter

Technical Data

DRL.. series

Nominal torque
Speed class
2.7 – 325 1200 4.9 – 4330
2.7 – 315 1700 4.9 – 4330
2.6 – 300 2100 4.9 – 4330
2.5 – 250 3000 4.9 – 4330

Dynamics packages

Dynamics package 1 Dynamics package 2
~ 200 Mdyn / MN: for mounting to gear units with normal pinion shaft ends ~ 300 Mdyn / MN: for mounting to gear units with reinforced pinion shaft ends

Areas of Application

  • gantry order picking robots
  • travel axes in palletisers
  • winding drives and cutter drums
  • lifting axes in gantries
  • conveyor applications